Lead Generation


Managing and tracking the conversion process from potential customers to actual customers.

1. Automatically Generating Leads from Multiple Channels

Automatically generating leads from various sources such as Landing Pages, social media, and customer-provided phone information. This is our first step in capturing the potential of each customer in our strategy.

2. Automatic Number Allocation

Not only focusing on information collection but also implementing the automatic number allocation feature. This ensures that each Telesales, actively and with the correct account status, receives a fair and random distribution of phone numbers to handle.

3. Lead Processing Workflow Management

Designed to track every lead status, this aids in controlling and ensuring a flexible interaction progress between Telesales and customers. It also ensures that every lead source is handled meticulously and efficiently.

4. Spam Data Filtering

Concentrating on filtering out spam data, aiming to eliminate low-quality leads. This helps us optimize time, concentrate efforts on genuinely potential customers, and ensure that every interaction is meaningful and valuable.

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